November 30, 2004

Clear Mind

This morning our little corner of the world was wrapped in a dark gray cloak. This grayness eventually will lift. Even on cloudy mornings like this, gentle visible signs of spirit are everywhere… I relish becoming mindful and acknowledging these signs. Example: the light filtering through the last of the brilliant golden leaves outside my window, the family of deer prancing along the busy avenue this morning, the sounds of the kids on the playground, and the twinkle in a friend’s eye. A knowing glance, a soft smile, heartfelt conversation, an honest delight in each day; these are small and outward signs of the graceful presence I hold within. Sometimes, however, my own graceful presence is clouded over by dark thinking.

My spiritual friend amusingly notices when I let my thinking cloud my clear mind. We laugh together about this. Inspired by a Buddhist quote, I have learned that my clear mind is like the morning cloudiness that lifts to reveal the beautiful blue beyond that is always there… Or the full moon in the sky. Sometimes clouds come and cover it, but the moon is always behind them. When the clouds lift the moon shines brightly. I am learning not to worry about clear mind: it is always there. When cloudy thinking comes, behind it is clear mind. When cloudy thinking goes, there is my clear mind. Thinking comes and goes, comes and goes. I am becoming less attached to the coming or the going. It happens. I’m glad to have a spiritual friend to remind me.


tamingthemind said...

It is funny how we let the weather affect our moods. I personally have always hated cold weather. A bit of a chill in the air and I am rushing to turn on the heater. I would long for a warm sunny beach. I would whine and complain if I had to go outside. I was absolutely miserable.

Lately, I have been doing the opposite. Instead of hating the cold, I decided to appreciate it. I was sitting last night wrapped in an afghan that was crocheted for my husband by his grandmother. I was thinking about her. The last time I saw her (she died a few months after my visit) she didn't recognize me. But, she still sat with me, holding my hand, patting my cheek. It hit me that if it wasn't for the cold I would not be having this wonderful memory. So, maybe cold isn't so bad after all. :-)

Meredith said...

Dear Friend,
I was really touched by your thoughtful response. It was timely for me. I agree with your posting on your site about meditation: "...meditation practice helps to strengthen my sense of the present moment. It gives me a good look into my constantly thinking mind. It gives me a space in which I can start to distinguish the things I find important in my life from the distractions." And there are so many distractions, aren't there? Wow. Meditation clears the mind, brings me back to the center where I feel calm and clear. And in this present moment, all things are perfect, just as they are.

Peaceful blessings to you,

Trev Diesel said...

Thank you for your posts - they are gentle reminders to remain present and mindful. Blessings and Namaste-


isaiah said...


I enjoy your words and visiting here at this beautiful and peace-filled digital creation. You make a wonderful point here in reflecting upon a clear mind; "it is always there." How hard we tend to make it for ourselves settling for most any state of mind other than that which is our nature. Our 'forgetting' seems to become chronic and our Divine energy seems to dissipate. In our observing our forgetting and settling for less than we truly are we reunite with our perfection and can only smile with empathy at our disbelieving self.

Your words have given me comfort and I feel a bubbling up of thoughts I want to jot down. Thank you for the inspiration. Namaste-

Meredith said...

Namaste Isaiah, and welcome!

david said...

You have a poet's spirit.

I love days when the fogs smother the world. Everything ahs a different look and feel to it. Things that are ordianry and would never get noticed suddenly become significant.

Funny. How misty whether can clear my mind. But a clear day, can cloud it.

Marjorie said...

you mentioned the leaves filtering the my mind is the vision of the leaves outside the window seemingly shimmering in the sunlight as they move. To me its the light of God within us, shining forth, briefly blocked, shining again. But what do I think when the tree is bare and the sky is gray? The light isn't gone, things just appear differently.

Meredith said...

David and Marjorie,
You both have sweetly reminded me that there are so many possible ways of seeing...and the beautiful intricacy of each of us reflecting the light. Thank you, friends,


pureplum said...

i'm thankful also
for a spiritual friend to remind me

thank you

Akilesh said...
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