June 2, 2005

A Dream

We were in a room, sitting together,
light streaming in from unshaded windows.
Sitting on the floor, in silence, you and I.
No need to speak, listening instead
to the deep rhythms of the heart.

A long time passes, no time passes.
I quietly said to you, "I'm enjoying being here with you now."
And you said to me, "And I'm enjoying being here with you."

Silence. Time/no time passes.
I said to you, "I see the Light of Christ within you."
And you said to me, "And I see the light of Christ within you."

Silence, again.
And then the blessing came to me,
from some distant/near place within the heart.
"Where ever you go, and where ever I go,
holy ground shall span the distance between us..."


isaiah said...

Very beautiful- such a blessed mind frame. Was this a dream- was this experience 'real'?

Does it 'real'ly matter?

Your writing is like looking upon a great painting- I just want to read the places I traverse over and over again.

Mark Walter said...

You have a thoughtful, considerate and inspiring site. I will set up a link on my site to yours.

Best regards,

So I Go said...

imagination and beauty just flows out of your finger tips.. i'm lovin' it. i know i'll always get a good dose of what i need here..


Rick said...

Dear Meredith,

Wow. You continue to sweep me off my feet with the art of your soul. Just beautiful, so very beautiful.

Keep shining,