August 1, 2005

The Silent Sky

We meet in the open sky
of not-two, not-one;
in this stillness,

Dissolving the web of identification,
thoughts and feelings no longer
bind us.

You are like a jewel
in an infinite, interconnected net of jewels,
each reflecting the Whole.

With a warmth, a mystery of love
that shines in the eternal now,
you recognize my original face -
"There is nothing at all there" -
in your own.

In humility and respect you refrain
from desecrating the purity of this shrine
with description.

You utter words of magic,
the inconceivable,
uncontainable "Open, Open,"
and leap naked
into nothingness.

This no-thing-ness
is without any trace of openness.
only just this,
the silent sky.



isaiah said...

"Open, Open,"
and leap naked
into nothingness.

Beautiful words- thank you.

garnet said...

"the silent sky" is both inviting and intimidating. Like each moment, each breath.

I just posted a poem with a jewel as the metaphor for the perfection you find in your silent sky.