October 28, 2005

Blurring Separation

There is a moment in time, barely noticeable, a moment so subtle, so soft, when the edges between two things become blurred. An example might be touching an ice cube with your hand, and trying to notice that moment the ice becomes water… warmth from your finger and the frozen state of the water are changed. In this moment, each feels the other’s presence within itself, and each becomes altered, though the exact moment of the change is vague.

There is a moment I notice when a merging relaxation between myself and another occurs … a moment, barely discernable, when our edges blur, when I am changed by another’s presence. The other’s expression changes with a look of recognition, and feelings, though unspoken, are shared. The borders between us are so soft, fragile and delicate – permeable, really. In this moment there is that unmistakable feeling of non-separation.

We are affected by others; our attitudes and feelings are absorbed in them, as theirs are in us. The other is no longer the other. We are one organism, one Graceful Being. The moment of the blur is the reminder.

Perhaps our touch can be the warmth that melts the ice. Perhaps our penetrating love will opens hearts.


Gemma Grace said...

Sigh... so lovely, Meredith! The ice cube is a perfect metaphor.

Larry said...

Yes, dear Meredith. That's exactly what happened (suddenly) with my wife. Or try visiting the hospital just to be a friend and pray with the sick. It happens; our pretend stuff just falls away, and what comes in?

The moment is love.