December 2, 2005


Poet Walt Whitman wrote, “I am large, I contain multitudes.”

Whitman, like Rumi, discarded the pretense. Awakened, Whitman sees the fullness he contains, and recognizes his own godliness, a vastness of multitudes. This knowing happens in a moment, a precious eternal moment in which all things are interconnected, alive, and infinite.

We cannot know this fullness when we hold ourselves to be so small… small of identity, small of character, of personality, and of vision. So often it is easier for us to see the wonder of this largeness outside of ourselves.

"People travel to wonder at the heights of mountains
at the huge waves of the sea
of the long courses of rivers
at the vast compass of the ocean
at the circular motion of the stars
and they pass by themselves without wondering"

~Thomas Aquinas

Lesson to myself: Wonder further. Don’t pass yourself by. Wonder at your own “I am.”


Larry said...

I love Walt; he was my favorite special interest in 1980 when I met Blake; otherwise I might have written about him.

My favorite quotation: Walt spent most of his time during the civil war visiting the wounded and dying soldiers fresh from the battlefield. To one motally injured poor devil he had this to say: "I don't commiserate with you; I congratulate you." Wow! that lighted all of my light bulbs-- and obviously still does.

Thanks Meredith.

matt said...

Thanks, Meredith.
You were my teacher of this eternal moment with your post. We need to remind ourselves of the magical beings we really are. Your post came just at the right time (I guess every time is the right time) to remind me to marvel at all things, be they small or large in size.

Meredith said...

Larry, Thank you for that Whitman quote. It kind of takes your breath away, yes?

Matt, I'm so glad that you have come by here and left your comments. One never knows just who you will be touched or when a connection will be made - in this eternal moment. Our lives are so magical - I'm glad you noticed!

Jackal said...

Excellent post for it contains a verse which has such a profound meaning.

Meredith said...

So true. Thank you for leading me back here today - I haven't thought about this for a while.

I hope you are doing well; I send loving kindness your way.