January 15, 2006

Bounty of the Skies

As I stand in my own small space of the planet, reveling in the power and the beauty of the heavens, I feel a great unity with all beings. I know that somewhere there is a herdsman in the Sahara Desert who is also gazing at the stars of our common universe. I know there is a lamb in New Zealand romping in the sunlight that also bathes my skin. I know there is a cactus blooming in Mexico under the same sky as mine. I know that all of us are drinking in the wind and living under the beauty of the heavens. I know that all of this is a dance of oneness amid the bounty of the skies and I am grateful.

- The Cosmic Dance


CJ said...

makes this great, big world seem a whole lot smaller, eh? thanks for sharing that passage; makes me feel connected to those all across the earth in some way.

Meredith said...

Thanks for stopping by, CJ. It is always a pleasure to have you visit here.

I found significance in this quote when I gazed at the full moon last night, and thought about this moon shining on my friends sojourning in Mexico. This same moon is shining upon them as they walk the warm beaches of their small village as shines upon me as I stand on the edge of the misty forest near my Pacific Northwest home. We are united in this one great mystery.

We are very connected in this dance of oneness, CJ. It is a pleasure to dance with you.

Mark Walter said...

This is something I know, but also something I 'no'. :)

Jackal said...

Sometimes that very realization has a powerful effect and puts everything into perspective.