May 5, 2006

Prayer Wheels

These are a few of hundreds of prayer wheels found in the Jokhang Temple, in Lhasa, Tibet where I visited last week. Each day, hundreds of Tibetens circumambulate the temple several times, carrying malas and hand held prayer wheels. There is a feeling of deep spirituality in Tibet, an everyday way of living.


isaiah said...

Please tell us about your journey when the time is right. We have missed you.

What an adventure- the Prayer Wheels turning, the sites, sounds, people!

You left us with the image of Transition to study while you were away- little did we know you were in Transition in Tibet!

Akilesh said...

Last week Tibet,
this week Oregon,
where are you now?


Jon said...

Meredith, Welcome back!

Yes, please tell us more! Hope you had a frimmin' time!

"James" said...

What a wonderful journey to have visited Tibet. I enjoy the beautiful and symbolism of the Tibetan prayer wheel and especially the prayer flags. We have some draped above our front window and everyday I look out at them waving in the breeze sending out prayers on the wings of the wind.

I would say "welcome home" but "home is where the heart is" as the saying goes. I know you understand what I am trying to say here. :)