June 14, 2006

Simple Meditation

There is a silence
within the silence
gently pulling
a slight magnetism,
formless pulling form
realizing form
waking through form
to raindrops,
fluttering down the end of a leaf
touching tip of tongue
to leaf tip
drinking in the drop,
down the throat
pulled in deeply
where silence rests
within silence.


isaiah said...

"There is a silence
within the silence
gently pulling..."

Yes, we do seem to know this... and yet we are seldom silent enough to encounter our truest self.

Drop by drop we become filled, drop by drop we empty ourselves...

Beautiful poem M. What do you not do?

Rick said...

I have been thinking awhile about sitting in silence listening to the silence.

Endment said...

These words are a treasure!
the combination with the graphic is perfection

kevin beck said...

Thank you for these touching words.

isaiah said...

OK, you must be off in some exotic location again seing as how we've ben left to ponder this "Simple Meditation" for quite some time now.

Eagerly waiting to hear from you anew....

Irving Karchmar said...

A lovely poem :) In our khaniqah, our Sufi house, there is a sign which says "Silence, for breath is a Godsend." And many Sufi Masters and other spiritual teachers say that only in real silence, in shutting off the eternal dialogue, can the we begin to hear with the ear of the heart.

Peace and Many Blessings,


Meredith said...

Thank you, dear friends. Your encouragement means a lot to me. This is an important thing we do - to encouarge others on the path, wherever they may be.