January 9, 2007


On Sunday, our small Friends Meeting worship group discussed stewardship. In our book of Quaker Faith and Practice was this quote on the meaning of stewardship.
To turn all we possess into the channel of universal love becomes the business of our lives. ~ John Woolman
I've been thinking a lot about stewardship since seeing Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth. This is a powerful film and a potent lesson in the necessity of stewardship. Before Meeting that day, I had watched the news reports of the North East's unseasonably warm January. There were video clips of people playing in Central Park wearing tank tops and shorts. One man, enjoying a game of golf in Chicago, was quoted, "If this is global warming, bring it on."

The same day, my cousin shared this article from the Sierra Club newsletter with me, My Low Carbon Diet. The site includes a Carbon Calculator, among other interesting tips for creating a low carbon life style. Check it out.

About global warming, let's not "bring it on." Instead, let's turn our lives into a channel for universal (and universe) love.


Anne said...

I loved your last sentence, Meredith... I agree with you. No to global warming, and yes to love and loving....

jbmoore said...


The only certainty in Life is change. All this selfishness, ignorance and greed are nothing compared to the immensity of the Universe and "God". Some days, it is difficult not to lapse into complete utter despair. My Uncle pointed out that a choice has been made either consciously or subconsciously already. And who knows, maybe this "badness" or "evil" will ultimately lead to good, or at least redeem itself. We treat the World as a infinite resource of food and materials, but that path is folly. Perhaps it will take a famine or similar disaster to wake people up from their collective delusion. I don't know, but I do know that whatever "God" is, that what is happening is part of a higher, more wonderful plan that is beyond any one human to comprehend.