May 28, 2007

Wholeness Exposed

The notion of ego-fixation "superimposed" upon Wholeness fits as a useful way to look at liberation or realization. We are fixated on the world of ego perspective, the horizontal dimension, the world of separation. Yet there is the possibility of realizing this "other world" here, a presence or being veiled by our exclusive fixation on the world of appearances.

Our egocentric perspective is superimposed on the One. When two people fall in love, Wholeness is exposed; the formerly distinct boundary markers for self and other dissolve somewhat; the demarcation between ego perspective and Unity blurs, in Meredith's words, becomes soft, indistinct or evaporates altogether. This occurs to greater or lesser degrees as a couple experiences the vertical dimension of non-separation. Realizing this is experienced as blissful. It fosters the possibility of further enlargement and expansion.

With the experience of love the individual is given a glimpse of that "other world" upon which the familiar world of ego perspective is superimposed. Formerly, ego-perspective was not recognized as a perspective. It was like water to a fish - unseen and unquestioned. With love there is the possibility of "seeing through" ego perspective, seeing its outline so to speak, and simultaneously the openness of the vertical dimension. If we accept the invitation of love, we may surrender or relinquish the exclusivity of ego perspective, our conditioned understanding of self, of who or what one is.

We do not lose our individuality in love, yet we open to the vast non-dual perspective of the cosmic mirror, or God, or Wholeness.

Through love we are invited into this openness, and we step into it, unafraid, moment-to-moment. Through love we enjoy the intimacy and bliss that is inherent with this communion.

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irving said...

Beautiful :) It echoes the words of a Sufi master who said, "Love is the foundation of the way to God, and all states and stations are but aspects of love. And this will remain true so long as the path itself remains.

Peace and blessings!