July 14, 2007

A Light Touch

Sometimes a photo will capture my imagination, as this one does. In this, I see hands - open, exposed, relaxed, ready, waiting, receiving. And I see the light touch of presence, wooing these open hands, so near, even alighting on and in them, stroking - as light as a feather, brushing by with a faint breeze, and then, perhaps, out of sight again. This presence seems miraculous, but really, it is just ordinary, blissfully ordinary.

Read more on the story of these hummingbirds here: http://www.abigailsings.com/hummingbirds/

1 comment:

Jon said...

Yes, but it's pretty extraordinary to get those two prescences together in the physical like that.

Love the new look of your blog!

Have a day as beautiful as your are!