September 28, 2004

After darkness

After despair,
many hopes flourish
just as after darkness,
Thousands of Suns
open and
start to shine.

~ Rumi


Unconsoius said...

ahh hello Meredith! thank you for your kind comments on my site! I enjoy reading your heart-typed messages as well. Keep on posting and ill keep on coming! and if you dont keep posting ... well ... ill keep on com'n anyway!

-May The Vibration of Love resonate with you Now as it always has before and as it Always will - Eli =-)

Meredith said...

Eli, Thank you so much for your post - my first! Maybe you remember that excitement. It feels so good to know that there is someone out there that resonates with me. I will be watching your site. Namaste', new friend.


Akilesh said...

Two Suns, Eli and Meredith, have opened and started to shine. At the very least we can love and encourage them as they send their warmth into our world. They ask for nothing. They feel blessed just in the giving, the sharing of openness, of emptiness. With generous hearts they emerge from darkness and uplift our world with their courage, paving the way for us to risk. We are all butterflies, fresh from chrysalis, infants not long out of the womb, tender sprouts still clinging to our seed coats, wet ducklings surrounded by pieces of shell. When an ego looks out upon the world it sees other egos. When these two look out onto the world they feel the absence in their original face, and with this comes immense gratitude. This gratitude is uncontainable, it overflows, pours over us like the light of a thousand suns.

DharmaStudentTN said...


If you are interested in Rumi, one of the greatest American mystics, Andrew Harvey, discusses Rumi (and Hafiz) in many of his works. I had the joy of participating in a spiritual retreat with Andrew over Labor Day this year (September 2004) and I made a genuine and true reconnection with the Devine in me.

And, thank you for your post in my journal. I look forward to communicating back and forth with you.