September 30, 2004

Graceful Presence

Graceful Presence is that of God within us, that sweet experience of our soul and our spirit commingling. Do you recognize this quality of uncontained, calm, clear energy, bliss and warmth? When you experience it, you will have the feeling of rejoicing, of celebration, of happiness for who you are. This quality will take you beyond your fear. Graceful Presence is not about who your ego is – but who you are beneath ego, beneath your culture, your religion, or even your name. It is your truest nature, who you are unconditionally. When you recognize this, you are living the path of Awakening. You are an expression of waking up energy, and you feel it, and experience the Source within in an undeniable way. Graceful Presence. Let us nurture this wondrous energy in ourselves and the awakening potential of others. It is the richest blessing…

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