October 19, 2004

Sitting Firmly in Presence

Silence. Emptiness. Feeling the pure embodiment of spirit in the center. When we speak from this place, we notice that there is a glow, a radiance of spirit emanates. Fearlessness is peace. This peace manifests in our presence with others. Sitting firmly in this Presence, we create a place for others to be, with all their fluttering of mind, their pain, or their angst. We notice that we do not lose this peace when we become an open place to be with another in their suffering. Their suffering dissipates with this presence we share, yet we do not become smaller. When we sit with others in this way, we bring the stillness of seated meditation into the world of action. What greater action than to be this Presence for another? With gratitude, we recognize the ones who were this Presence for us.


Al said...

...sometimes all we can offer to someone is a little slice of that quiet space that we try to create for ourselves.

Meredith said...

Right, Al,
There is something precious shared with a quiet presence.
Loving energy is transmuted.
I notice it in you, my friend,

Akilesh said...
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Larry said...

I've found you. I sent a long message to the originating email on your message, but doubt that it will reach you. Anyway thanks so much for all your encouragement and understanding. I do feel sort of out of my depth among you and your friends, probably a pretty tremendous disparity of age, background, everything. But it all is as nothing to the great Beyond we seek.

Anyway I mean to keep up with your blog now.

Meredith said...

Thank you for your comment. I look forward to dialogue with you, and appreciate other perspectives. Maybe we have more in common than you suspect!