December 9, 2004

The Lotus Flower

The beautiful lotus grows in shallow water surrounded by mud. Here, the lotus opens each morning, and closes each evening. Exquisite in its purity, the lotus appears to float alone, however underneath the water its roots are connected to many other lotus flowers.

The lotus is a simple but potent metaphor for divine potential, deep wisdom, serenity, interconnectedness and transcendence.

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james said...

I have always loved the imagery of the lotus. That is a beautiful picture that I think I am going to save and possibley use on one of my "monday morning" picture posts. Thanks!


Larry said...

A beautiful metaphor, Meredith.
In our southern waters we have the hyacinths. They, too are very beautiful; unfortunately they tend to clog our streams so that you can't get through even with a pirogue.

You probably know about the Greek youth, Hyacinthus. Apollo killed him and from his blood came the flower bearing the Greek letters AI, a cry of sorrow (Webster New World Dictionary.

I see a metaphor that embraces beauty and sorrow, good and evil, the way most of us see life. As Christians of course we believe that the kingdom of heaven subsumes those worldly categories-- with what we perhaps may call glory.