December 26, 2004

Trusting Life Completely

The journey of spiritual awakening leads us into the arms of the Divine Beloved, the graceful Presence that transforms our life from ordinary to Ordinary -- a way of living beyond the confines of our habitual patterns, limiting beliefs and self-seeking desires. In order to manifest our spiritual destiny, the ego self -- that which perceives itself as separate and alone -- must discover and follow the Higher Self, or Spirit. In the beginning of one's spiritual journey, these two aspects of the Self seem to be at odds. Ultimately, they are realized as one and we come to trust life completely.

Rev. Ellen Grace O'Brian


Larry said...

You have a happy faculty of presenting the gospel in ways equally acceptable to other faiths. You are a Quaker Universalist, the very best kind.

Anonymous said...

"...from ordinary to Ordinary." This is beautiful. For our lives, while they seem so ordinary, are truly very amazing, and in this ordinariness, are actually quite a miracle! To see this freshness in our very lives illuminates the wonderful Ordinary, the graceful presence within us.

Thank you.