March 20, 2005

Pure Consciousness

Meredith: Existence is showering upon us at every turn – and I do recognize this veritable showering of warmth and wisdom coming from so many sources. Sometimes it is as though my filter has too wide a mesh – I feel so much. My heart is so soft.

Akilesh: All of these little dialogues we have seemed to converge on one thing: pure consciousness. This authentic presence contains everything, just as
Forest Reid discovered within himself when he followed the song of the skylark within. Imagine what mesh God might place on a filter. No mesh, no filter, of course. And in this infinite warmth and wisdom no filter is necessary. Pure consciousness is this warmth and wisdom of God.

"I feel so much." Our conditioning emphasizes thinking. By and by we lose the capacity to feel. It's good to emphasize feeling, heart. The heart has been sacrificed on the altar of rationality. We are way out of balance, way misshapen with our rationality. In ego world the mind is king. So it is very good that you "feel so much." It is so very good that your heart is as soft as it is, raw, naked, unprotected.

When you, as our friend
Isaiah said, leap into the infinite, you leap into the arms of love. You also leap into the arms of wisdom. But we just have to do this, not think about. Leaping, you will find skillful means, all the skill you need to take care of yourself and others. It's the ego that is afraid. And it's okay to protect if you need to. Go at your own pace. Your wisdom within will show you the way and the pace. Trust that voice within. Just be aware when you are protecting, when you're guarding or closing yourself. What are you protecting? What are you afraid of happening?

We bring wisdom and compassion to each interaction with others, family, friends, strangers. We allow the wisdom within to guide us, and show us what each unique situation requires. What does this person before me now, need? Then you respond out spontaneous wisdom, without hesitation. This is the confidence that comes with maturing wakefulness. Trust it. It's the confidence of graceful presence, of pure awakened consciousness.

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