March 18, 2005


In the quiet of the early morning, I step into the shower of your Light. I let your beautiful images wash over me, your blessings slide down my slippery curves, your insight and wisdom lather like soap bubbles softly absorbing into my skin. I inhale the warm vapor that refreshes my soul and tenderly opens my heart. I love to linger here, a long time with you.

Eventually, when fully drenched, I turn off the water, and move from this delightfully captivating reverie. I step out, dripping, wrapping myself in a thick towel and begin to dry, rubbing myself all over wide awake. Fully refreshed I move peacefully into the sunlight of the new day. The fragrance remaining of this wonderful washing, bathing, slippery steam inhaling squeaky clean immersion in spirit is carried with me for hours. Every now and then I raise my arm to my face, and breathe in the soft fragrance lingering there. I feel such happiness, remembering. My face relaxes into a pleasant smile; my coworkers look at me and wonder, “What wonderful mischief has Meredith been up to now?”

Standing with you, my Beloved, in the shower of your Light.

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Akilesh said...

Your post exemplifies the spirit of celebration. Yes, beauty and blessings are drenching all of us from the one source, the same source that drenched Rumi and Kabir, Hafiz and Mirabai. I see your soul refreshed in the experience of divinity. Most have only heard of or read about this experience. You have immersed yourself in it. Thank you for opening to it, embracing it and sharing your joy. Thank you for moving and sharing "the sunlight of the new day" that is bursting from your blessed heart. Now you are carrying the fragrance of your own remembering, your own awakening, your own happiness that comes from within.

More and more, as you blossom, those around you will wonder, "What is this unworldly fragrance about her? What is this light in her eyes? Such a subtle happiness, contentment... from where is this coming? Such a generous smile... from what depth? What is it about her that reminds me of a joy I felt long ago in my childhood heart? There is a certain freedom in her being, a rejoicing that seems to come from a hidden source. From what spring is she fed? What food nourishes that expression? I want to know. Would you tell me?" You share your authentic experience with them. And this sharing will be the truth, it will ring, you have experienced it. It will not be second hand goods, scripture, other's description of their experiences. Instead it will be genuine sharing from the heart, the source. It will come from the totality of your being. And it will be free, unconditioned, unconditional, primordial bliss and wisdom.