March 6, 2006

What remains?

Akilesh: Touching, tender, vulnerable, yes, kindness, warmth, letting go, love, fresh citrus, glittering sunlight on warm water, purple mountains, living outside of time yet smiling and hugging inside it, friendship in eternity - Is this possible? The question turns to wisp and spirals off into the ether. Big Sky treasure, which feels undeserved, is laid at our feet at every moment. We live in the gap. We love and let go.

Meredith: This beautiful brisk stream of consciousness paints itself upon our inner landscape today, however fleeting, only to be washed away with the in-coming tide.

What remains?

Perhaps this question, too, turns into wisps and spirals off into the ether.


Keith, RN said...

Reading this blog is like a breath of fresh air......

Meredith said...


I smile. The breath, and the fresh air - this is what remains. Between the in-breath and the out-breath is the gap, the place of great silence, of freshness,of pure presence.

Lingering in the gap,