March 1, 2006

Sparkling Cascade

“…my heart is now a busted glass bead jar
spilling wildly across the floor....”

How delightful to hear this music:
a sparkling cascade of colorful glass beads
spilling wildly across the floor.

Spilling – allowing "self" to
spill out and disperse.
In the spilling, transformation.
Self appears from the background
into the foreground.
Little self disperses,
and the Self emerges -
its form simply energy, light, love,
and the glittering dance of glass beads
spilling wildly across the floor.

Where can this self be found now?
It is strewn across the universe.
And what are we?
The flow. The Flowing.
We are the flowing.
There is no permanent self here;
we have only thought there was.
Who we are is only the naked nameless
in the form steam rising from a cup of tea,
or of glass beads
dancing wildly across the floor.

Embracing this emptiness,
this no-thing, this vibrancy
is Self-realization,
the consciousness of no-thing,
is living in the gap.

So we rejoice, delighted,
smiling at the sound,
the spilling music of little glass beads
dancing wildly across the floor.

Dancing of Chris, Meredith and Aki


gratefulbear said...

A beautiful poem, and a cool cyber-effect with the dancing lines of poetry! (Can you teach a fellow blogger how to do that?)

blessings ~

Keith, RN said...

After more than a year of blogging, I have now discovered this community of Dharma blogs and am entranced! Thank you for the lovely poem, the dancing type (how did you do that?), and for the links to other sites. This is a wonderful discovery in the blogosphere, or shall I say, the dharmasphere?

Meredith said...

Thank you Darrell and Welcome Keith!

I learned how to scurry the text from my friend Aida at Zuhrtime Soliloquy


and this is the recipe:

< marquee > text... < /marquee >

Having fun in the flow of blessings,


PS In order to print this here I had to put spaces inbetween the < and marquee. There are no spaces there, however.

isaiah said...

I love this poem- electric...aliveness, moving and breathing.

"We are the flowing"- Yes!

"Let it grow, let it grow
let it blossom- let it flow..."

Meredith said...

Tommy - that Rumi poem is perfect with this, yes?

"Daylight, full of small dancing particles
and the one great turning,
our souls are dancing with you, without feet, they dance.
Can you see them
when I whisper in your ear?"


Big Smile,