February 28, 2006


Meredith: I continue to be hopeful that Presence can be felt by others simply in the presence of a person. If we are abundantly full, full to the brim and out over the top, empty of self and full of the Beloved One, even our silence can exude this presence. We want others to taste this, too. We want to make this flavor available to all who hunger. Like Osho said, so 'sweetly', "He pours forth the sweet honey in which he himself is drowning." We want that sweetness, and that fire in our hearts to spark other's hearts on fire, too.

I really want to expose my heart further. I want to open, open, and open some more. I want to meet other warm hearts who are in love with the Divine. People on the path of the heart are beautiful and they are poetry, they are pure and sweet in their loving. This is recognizing diamonds, yes?

Akilesh: Yes. Your intention to expose and open is strong. Now you may simply acknowledge that you are wide open already, and it is a matter of discerning the ways that the divine wants to express itself through you. And this happens moment to moment forever. This is what fidelity is about. You are faithful to yourself as Self. You see, you are no longer keeping your fidelity with self, with mind-identification, with ego-fixation, with personality focus; you are no longer subscribing to the notion that who you are is a self. Instead you are expressing your fidelity and devotion to yourself as Self, because that is where you find Self, right here, right now, on the spot where you are sitting. You don't find it elsewhere or at some other time when perhaps you are more evolved or pure or prepared. This never happens. Only Now, only Here.

Meredith: Right Now, right Here. My door to you and others is open. My light is on. I want to invite you in. I want to invite any who are thirsty, and to be able to offer that presence that is so refreshing and so fulfilling. I offer Presence. This is not a doing, it is a Being.

Akilesh: That's the spirit. That is what the spirit of love says through an awakened one: "My door is open, my light is on, I am awake. I invite you in. The river flows here. If you are thirsty, drink! I have found something so refreshing and so fulfilling. I am overflowing with Being. If you are thirsty, drink to your hearts content. I rejoice in your gladness, and in the quenching of your thirst. Namasté."

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isaiah said...

M- Your desire to open and expose your heart further touches me deeply. I do feel Presence in your writing, in your being- it is very strong. You are in love...and your love shines!

"Extinguish my sight,
and I can still see you;
plug up my ears,
and I can still hear;
even without feet I can walk toward you,
and without mouth I can still implore.
Break off my arms,
and I will hold you
with my heart
as if it were a hand;
strangle my heart,
and my brain will still throb;
and should you set fire to my brain, I still can carry you with my blood."