February 14, 2006


Akilesh: It is so fresh this morning; reminding me how every moment is fresh. There are not even things you can call moments, there is just freshness, freshness you can feel. It is true, you have no control with this freshness, and there is no past or no future in it. That can feel odd and disconcerting to those soundly asleep. But to be asleep with unconsciousness is to reside far from freshness. It is true, living with freshness is risky. One does not get to predict or control so tightly, to avoid pain and pull pleasure to us. But the pain is only put off, but not avoided, and the pleasure quickly fades and another seduction is there. We reach out with eager hands, time and again. Until, that is, we let go; smile and let go of control, of self, of the stale dominion of rationality; until we let go into the here and now, into free floating freshness, into freedom.

I send freshness your way this morning.

Meredith: This is so lovely, Akilesh. Thank you for this fresh greeting. I am aware of this enlivened fragrance of freshness this morning, too. And it is just in this moment now, and now, and again now. We enjoy our wakefulness to this delightful quality of freedom. I am not so aware of the riskiness you mention, only just this moment of loving vibration. Thank you for sending freshness - its quality resounds so clearly in your essence.

With a happiness in my heart, I receive your freshness.

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