August 17, 2006


This morning, on the beach, I noticed the morning sun on the waters, the salty air, the song of the waves, and the sands, which have shifted, since my last walk there. Each morning these sands are changed, never the same, one morning to the next. But the sands, the song of the waves, the ebb and flow of the tide, and salt of the air, are dynamic and ever- present here in this is the landscape of the water's edge. I love to walk that line, of the water's edge, where wet sand meets dry, and watch the blurring of one into the other. Each morning I note the shifts; my eyes are keen to observe what the sea has offered. There are beautiful patterns in the sand, sprinkled with small treasures from the sea. There is a refreshment happening with each tide, a coming in and a going out, like an in breath, and an outbreath. Overhead, in a constantly changing sky, gulls soar, with sounds that are greeting this day, too.

There is love here: can you feel it, hear it, smell it? Love is moving over and within this landscape, reverberating, penetrating, so available, freely offered, and unstoppable.

Wet, sandy, and salty this morning,


ashley said...

I feel it, hear it, smell it and can see it... Thank you Meredith and the ocean!

Jon said...

Thanks, M.

isaiah said...

"I love to walk that line, of the water's edge, where wet sand meets dry, and watch the blurring of one into the other."

Throughout the day that line, that edge, never stays fixed- although it may appear so, it is always creeping towards shore or returning towards source- never permanently stationary, always a dance between in and out, forward & backward.

A very delicate balancing act, a blurring of one into the other...

...we are that, too!

"James" said...

(breathing in....breathing out)

Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Thank you for this refreshing imagery.

Bless you.

Steven Crisp said...

"There is love here: can you feel it, hear it, smell it?"

Yes, it is unmistakable. Unconditional love, without judgment. Patiently, consistently, unfailingly it will care for the shoreline -- feed it, cleanse it, bring life to it, and even take away the dead.

And your footsteps each day are gently washed away -- demonstrating the impermanence of life, of our egoic existence.

Thanks for the ocean-front view of life.

isaiah said...

PS: Is this near where you live- this beach you write about or are you off on another jaunt to some far away exotic land?

Beautiful meditation M- I've re-read it many times and as one who has lived and still works on an island and takes my breaks on the beach---I know what you speak of here.

Wanna trade beaches one season? You come here to Hilton Head Island, the keys to the house are under the potted- plant by the garage.. and we'll head to Oregon (just leave the key under the mat)!

isaiah said...
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anonymous julie said...

Smell it! Yes! That's what was drifting in the window all day!

I have a cartoon on my fridge: "mutts" - "Well, mooch - back to the same ol' beach once again!" "... I dunno... the waves look different."