September 5, 2006


And all shall be well,
and all manner of thing
shall be well.

~Juian of Norwich


isaiah said...

Such a striking creation; fluid and reposed in such grace. Where in the world did you get this and who was the inspiring artist?

Just a glimpse at her resting puts me at ease and warms my spirit. She sits beside a window, which seems to overlooks a lush landscape, yet her back is turned as she loses herself in a more beautiful space.

Her face is expressionless reflecting a peace passing understanding; surely the artist’s inspiration for creation. Her arms bow benevolently as she folds her hands, one into the other forming a casing where the heart center becomes the focal point.

She is cast in black and yet a radiance surrounds her reflecting a silvery tinge; a living lesson in shadow and light, our very basic structure too.

In her, I see you…and me…and everyone.

All is well, all is well!

Jon said...

What he said.

Meredith said...

All is well.

Blessings, friends,