September 21, 2006

Nothing at All

Meredith: In Emptiness Dancing, Adya speaks about the question "Who am I" or "What am I" without any script or role, without the story about who you are and what you are, releasing the script of what you think your life is about. He says something I often tell myself, that the roles and scripts we tell about ourselves are not who we truly are. Awakening is a radical change in identity, says Adya. He talks about disarming ourselves from our experience, our narrative, and ask instead, "What am I without my story?" He goes on to say that if you find someone else, underneath the story, this is likely just another script, such as "I am an enlightened one." The answer at the bottom of the pile is "I don't know" and to be without a script is to be totally disarmed. So anything we think about what awake is, or what enlightenment is, is yet another script.

This is the feeling of sky, of groundlessness, of evaporation into nothingness. This is the mystery of our own Being. Look at the layers we shed to find this, and then, find that this is nothing at all.

Akilesh: And...and...and... when you let go and let go and shed and let go of all of these stories and fall into open sky of groundlessness, and realize the mystery of your own Being, finding this ... this emptiness that is nonetheless so full and luminous... sharing naturally and spontaneously happens! It happens naturally from this groundlessness which is very much luminous and warm, light and unconditionally loving.


Irving said...

An excellent post :) As Rumi writes, "Beyond what is right, and beyond what is wrong, there is a field. I'll meet you there."

isaiah said...
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isaiah said...

Thank you Meredith and Aki- although I haven’t responded to this discourse I have read and reread here for over a week now. With the transition of a friend recently I have been drawn to your past few posts where I drink in the words you have written.

There is nothing for me to contribute except a heart- felt thank you for your sharing and for your openness.

I’m gone fishing now- and I don’t even need my rod.

No need to explain.

christy said...

Dear Meredith and Akilesh,

Thank you for your sweet unfolding of these teachings. Adyashanti will be giving satsang in Seattle next week, and I look forward to being there even more after the way you have gently held the jewels up to the light here.