November 19, 2007

As if Dreaming

The sky becomes one with its clouds
the waves with their mist.
In Heaven's starry river, a thousand sails
As if dreaming, I return to the place
where the Highest lives,
and hear a voice from the heavens:
Where am I going?
I answer, "The road is long,"
and sigh; soon the sun will be setting.
Hard to find words in poems to carry
on its ninety-thousand-mile wind,
the huge inner bird is soaring.
O wind, do not stop--
My little boat of raspberry wood
has not yet reached the Immortal Islands.

Chinese Poet Li Qingzhao
from Admiring Lotuses

(translated by Jane Hirshfield)


Jon said...

Raspberry wood??
They must have very different raspberries over there!

Seriously, what a beautiful poem. I'm thankful this day for knowing you and the wisdom you share.

irving said...

Such beauty :) Thank you for sharing it.

Peace and Many Blessings!

samrina said...

Beautiful words...

Take care

Kuan Gung said...

Wow! beautiful words and wisdom...thank you