July 4, 2011

Canticle of Love

"Somewhere in our history religion became synonymous with God.

Religion is a longing for something, but it is not the thing itself. The thing itself does not need religion. In fact, religion may be the great barrier, because it is so rule-bound and convincing, so driven by ego ("Our" God is the true God).

Spirit, the thing itself, needs nothing to define it.

It cannot be described; it cannot be owned.

It can only be experienced in its wild passion and its love.

It can be encountered, not studied.

The mind cannot grasp it, though it will forever try.

That which we long for has the character of a single relationship, with infinite forms.

All longing is spirit longing for itself.

Spirit may appear as a child, a starlit night, new love, music, art, terror, tragedy, beauty...

It comes disguised. "

Paula D'Arcy in A set of New Eyes


On Fragile Wings said...

I have read that in ancient times
nature and God were considered One.

There is a lot of thought that goes into your poetry.
It illuminates truth.


Reena said...

Very inspiring poetry, indeed.

Thanks for sharing

Sofan said...

Great poetry!

I believe that God has many names spoken in different tongues.

Meredith said...

Paula D'Arcy is an inspiration writer. The above lines are from her book.

I experience "God" as one of those open words - where it points to the thing, but is not the thing. It leads us to the precipice of sacred experience.

Anonymous said...

God an open word, how novel!

I'll meet you on that sacred precipice; in that field beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing.

Thank you for both your grace and presence here. Good to have your voice in this wonderfully open space again.

shreya sharma said...

I believe that God has many names spoken in different tongues.