December 1, 2006

Miracles of Each Moment

The above artwork is by Kazuaki Tanahashi, author of Brush Mind. In his book, Kazuaki writes,
"There is no need to imagine before you paint. Painting brings forth imagination."
No special conditions are needed to write, paint, or begin a creative endeavor. Though it feels risky, we can have confidence in the life-giving capacity of risk. One brush stroke leads to another, one word leads to another, one note on a song sheet calls forth the next. All we have to do is begin. Our willingness to risk brings the moment, ourselves and our work to life in a way that did not exist just moments before.


anonymous julie said...

Reminds me of the Klee quote below.

Steven Crisp said...

What an interesting coincidence. This painting looks just like a photograph I took of my son dancing with luminous glow sticks. He used different colors -- some green like this painting, others red, or yellow, or white.

I used one of those pictures for a blog entry, long ago. And what what the subject of that blog entry? My own epiphany of the Now.

As you note about each moment, offering new creativity, that did not exist but a moment ago. Life exists in but one instant -- Now.

Thanks for reminding me.

Meredith said...

Yes, the quotes are related. I have been reading Peter Levine's book, Fingerpainting on the Moon, in which he introduces both of these quotes. I am intrigued by that spark of creativity - where creativity originates and how it plays out in our lives. I also intrigued by the sense of risk we (I) sometimes feel by creative impulses.

Steven - great to see you again! I enjoyed reading your epihpany of the Now. Always a good reminder. I thank you, too.

Irving said...

A good and true quote :) However, it is preparing to begin that the real work takes place.

Peace and Blessings!

Imemine said...

Thank you!

isaiah said...

I often feel that it's the leap into the unknown, the risk of stepping off and being sustained that draws the creative force closer to where each moment does become a miracle.

I think our very design is to be creative, to let the creativity flow through us and back out into the world. All we have to do is begin, and as Irving says, "prepare" by asking who is doing the creating.

Thanks for the meditation, M.