December 8, 2006

My Life, My Soul

Ten years ago.....
I turned my face for a moment
and it became my life.

Sometimes I go about pitying myself,
and all along
my soul is being blown by great winds across the sky.

—Ojibway saying


christy said...

Dear Meredith,

Thank you for this reminder that anything can happen in the turn of a moment.

I love the feeling of vast wild windiness that lifts me up in this prayer; it brings to mind Rilke's winds of homecoming that Kathleen invited to blow through recently.

love, Christy

irving said...

What real truth there is in that saying. It happened to me fifteen years ago. Thank you, dear heart.

Peace and Many Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Thanks!

Jon said...

Zach posted on choice vs. freewill at Monakhos.our beautiful post expresses far more appropiately what I meant in my comment. There's freedom is in knowing that we're not in control, if you don't take the little self too seriously.

serenity said...

How one moment can change the course of an entire life.

Peaceful blessings be with you, and thank you for this post.

isaiah said...


Meredith said...

Dear Friends who kindly leave their comments here - Thank you.

Thank you for bringing richness to this simple quote, for deepening the meaning so we may all sense a greater wisdom that emerges from multiple eyes.

Blessings, Friends.