May 11, 2005

The Heart

It is so amazing what the heart is able to do. Growing up, we think we know about heart because we know the feeling of longing, of loving, and of heart-breaking. But beyond that, what do we know of the heart?

Now, I know this...

The heart's capability knows no boundaries. It can be soft, and tender, wide and full. It opens unexplainably when you allow it to, and perhaps, with full maturity, never needs to close again. The heart exudes an energy that can be felt across the miles even when not seen. “The mind creates an abyss, and the heart crosses it.” (Sri Nisargadatta) Indeed, we are not limited by our hearts – only our minds, and our culture, religion, and our own self imposed rigidity.

Opening wide to others entails trusting our heart. With this trusting, we feel a softening, a deep tenderness that we didn’t know we were capable of. The openness of the heart raises us up; it brings us up the tonal scale, to the most ‘sacred octave of our being.’ (Aida) Here, undeniably, we hear a song. Wait – is it the skylark?

Resting here, lingering here in love, we begin to develop a rich experience of this relating. Our wisdom in the domain of the heart deepens. In this depth there is a merging, not one heart feeling another, no. Perhaps in the beginning we think it is just one heart, opening, growing, expanding, pulsing, beating, feeling, longing, loving, aching, or grieving. The fully open heart feels all of this. What was once a fine filter becomes a wide filter, and then, eventually, there is a dissolving of the mesh all together, hearts, no longer separate, beating as one.

There are infinite expressions of love. The consciousness with which we traverse our landscapes will reveal the many manifestations of this simple, pure quality that we radiate when we engage our hearts.

My spiritual friend has helped me to engage and fully open my heart. He has done it delicately, with illumination and tenderness. He has brought my heart to the heart of God, my hand in his hand. At times there is a pristine quality to this capacity to open my heart – like newly fallen snow or a smooth glassy lake; my open heart is calm, tranquil, and free. At other times, there is energy from my heart that is palpable, a vibratory celebration within my heart.

Today, my heart is both calm, and celebrating. It is a lovely combination. I am filled with gratitude.

Blessings flow.


So I Go said...

what a beautiful picture of our heart's capabilities. it is indeed rich and infinite and i love the dance you've created here to describe it.

isaiah said...

“The mind creates an abyss, and the heart crosses it.” (Sri Nisargadatta)

This quote really moves me and has such truth embodied in such few words.

"My spiritual friend has helped me to engage and fully open my heart."

How fortunate that you have such a friend- so many have no one to turn to, no one in which to grow is only when we engage and empathize with others that we truly open to the wonders of the heart.


"James" said...

Yes,limitations and borders are constructs of delusion. We are indeed by nature open beings.

I love when you look at the Earth from space and you see no boundaries only fluidity.

Rick said...

That was beautiful, as usual. You have such a beautiful spirit. As I have said before, each time I read your words I just want to give you a hug.

Keep shining,