May 23, 2005

Keep Turning the Wheel is in the continued practice of uniting with
your work that you turn the wheel of the Dharma
for yourself, for the Sangha, for the world.

Robert Aitken.


A friend of mine was telling me a sweet story about
a dream she had. She dreamt of her favorite teacher,
whom she no longer has contact with. In her dream,
she saw his face, illuminated by the sun, looking toward
her, smiling. He was diligently turning an old wheel
through the garden. That is all, just turning the wheel.

And then she knew: he is well, all is well.


isaiah said...

Beautiful and so simple.... the truths you are sharing here, Meredith.

I dreamed last night my guru ascended and left me standing in the middle of an ancient deserted roundabout. His last words were, "now you see: everything becomes one." All IS....well!

auria said...

...His eyes held All as he simply turned the wheel. Nothing to be done. All is contained in the One.