May 21, 2005

The Temple Bell

The temple bell stops
but the sound keeps coming
out of the flowers.



"James" said...

Oh dear one. I am so happy that you have posted this saying. It is one of my favorites. It always makes me smile and for that I am thankful to you.

david said...

I love Basho.

They taught us haiku in school like it was some tired mechanical way of writing nature poems but Basho shows us it is an art and a spiritual practice.

Beyond potato fields
temple gate
lost in goose-grass

Meredith said...

Here is another fun Basho favorite offered up by AKilesh:

Old pond,
frog jumps in -


...Can't help but make you smile.

isaiah said...

What a delight to my senses! How 13 words conveys the truth that is scattered throughout thousands of pages of awkwardly written teachings.

The lesson is full and complete in only 13 simple words.

I bow to the master Basho, my newest teacher.

auria said...

The belly relaxed -4 AM
Sensation of tingiling ascends
Just prior to the bell
pwinter GGF 10/03