May 9, 2005

Trust in Simplicity

"I have to let go of the need to know so much. What we can know is so small - the holiness around is so large. Now I trust in simplicity, simplicity and love."

Hindu Sage


Jon said...

Oh, my.

Thanks. This really made my day. I'm an intellectual, and I wonder if awakening is even harder for us. My teacher told me not to think so much; my response was that's like putting an Aggie in a round room and telling him to pee in the corner!"

I guess everyone has their cross to bear. Mine is made out of thoughts.

Larry said...

Well I think this is a debatable issue. I think God put in some of us the need to know, and that gift!? may remain with us a long time, ie Solomon, Socrates, Edison, etc. You might call Jon and me 'lesser lights'.

isaiah said...

My question (and need to know!!)is what would we do if we knew the answers- if we knew all this stuff?

I firmly believe we can know if we are still and quiet enough to hear and remember.

"Be still and know that I am God."

The simplicity for me is right here- "be still (quiet down the mind and need to know so much...)and know."

Anonymous said...
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Meredith said...

This is one of my favorite mantras:

"Be still and know that I am God."

Thank you for bringing this forward, Tommy. To be still and know, I recognize that I must be very quiet, quiet my mind, drop much of my thinking, my mind's fluttering, my incessant wondering... so much mental activity, and simply become very quiet, empty of self, to hear this voice. This is the simplest form of my own being, and when I experience this in my own quietude, I feel (and know) that sometimes subtle and somtimes provacative presence of holiness and love.

"James" said...

Everything that we need to know can be found in a cool rain drop or in a vibrant, green leaf. Simple things.

Simplicity brings forth the peace of the Infinite.

Chodpa said...

Hi Meredith - your post on stillness and knowing has been with me for a few days, and brought forth a perhaps related issue, that of the relation between putting forth energy, and letting go:

One of the delights of your blog is always the interesting comments your draw forth from your readers :-)

very best wishes to you ....

Mark Walter said...

My Sensei says that the word 'know' is very interesting. He says it starts and ends with two silent letters. He says the need to k'no'w is our problem. We are so often saying, "I know". He says he agrees with people when they say this.