September 8, 2005

First Fractal

First Fractal

A new friend, Stacey, helped me learn to make Fractals.
Oh my! So much fun!
Thank you Stacey!


gil-galad said...


Immortal Beloved said...

You're welcome! It makes me happy that you're having a good time. You're already a fractal magician! Keep up the good work. If you're like me, it will become an obsession. It's been that way for me for more than half a year, now.

Twyla said...

How beautiful!

isaiah said...

How, pray tell, does one make a fractal? This is beautiful...I've seen Marks and now your does one make this?

Mark Walter said...

Stacey is a real inspiration, isn't she? I called her my fractal guru. :-)

Isaiah, you can go to:

and download the free software.

Stacey has inspired me, Meredith, Gretchen and now you. That's just great!