September 21, 2005

Pond Rings

Pond Rings for Ashley

Ashley writes beautifully about the connections and friendships we make here, in this on-line space. She notes "the unique phenomena of online communities and how there is a built in component of connection and attention that often is unknown, but holds a potent space." This has been so true for us here at Graceful Presence. We have been warmed and enlivened by the familiar faces of friends joining us here, and by those who simply open this page, and notice. Like pond rings, each ring forming connections creates an ever broadening circle of Presence through our lives.

Ashley shares our experience when she writes, "A wave of electric delight or effervescent bubbles rising and making a fizz, has the opportunity to run through our systems when connection, community, and care are acknowledged and we feel the essential embrace of intimacy, belonging, and acceptance."

Thank you Ashley.
With gratitude and embrace to all friends here, seen and unseen.


isaiah said...

I know who you really are! You show me perfectly here...and I see you there...and everywhere.

When one takes the time to see the divinity in themselves, suddenly that divinity appears everywhere, as everything...and we cannot help but share our experiences as we remind ourselves of who we truly are!


ashley said...

a whispering 'thank you, meredith' and 'you're welcome' passing through with the wind.

with love,

So I Go said...

the feeling is so mutual.. thank you for the consistent beauty of this on-line space.. hadn't thought about the pond rings, but you're right.. each entry, each reader, each impact has such a profound potential to ripple outward and beyond..

blessings to you today..

Gemma Grace said...

I send along a warm embrace to each and everyone of you.

Gemma Grace said...

or rather... everyone of us :)

Akilesh said...

Gemma Grace, the warmth of your embrace is larger than you think. Thank you for extending it to all of us and not leaving yourself out. You remind me that we wrap, or as Meredith says "enfold," ourselves in our own warm embrace. Kabir speaks of "Being meeting Itself" and I imagine Being warmly embracing itself upon this blissful meeting.