September 8, 2005

Last Rose

Fractals are made by downloading a program called Apophysis, (and the tutorial) and then by manipulating the random mutations the program produces. It's mathmatical magic, which you don't really have to understand to make quite stunning fractals.

The thing that amazes me is that no two will be alike, since they are moving, spiraling, spinning, and caught in time so to speak. Each moment is a fresh moment for a fractal.


emma said...

Wow that is a very pretty work of art did you make that?

Jon said...

Wow, Meredith,

Thanks for sharing the secret. Now I'm off to download!

Etchen said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. great blog!

Gretchen Coleman said...

Meredith! Isn't fractaling a blast! It is so fascinating - I can sit for hours and make them.