October 25, 2006


With my folding fan
I measured the peony --
as it demanded

So many breezes
wander through my summer room:
but never enough

Before this autumn wind
even the shadows of mountains
shudder and tremble

I know everything
about the old householder,
even his shiver



isaiah said...

soothing poem and art... soon the lovely peony will lose its color...

...it is nice getting to know 'this householder', becoming familiar with his ways, surprised by his silly quirks. He is a guaranteed for a laugh. Now he wishes he had a fireplace to warm his soul by, a weathered hearth to stack wood against; its nice having split wood stacked neatly by.

Autumn, here again... am I surprised?

Meredith said...

Oh Tommy,

In you a soothing friend comes to visit.

Big love to you, dear friend,