October 27, 2006

In Synch

The experience of vivid synchronicity operating in one's life is often joyful. You feel the deep relatedness you have with existence. Sometimes this can be a bit startling, and make us want to run for cover into the familiar, predictable world of ego-fixation where we are most often oblivious to the brightness of synchronicity. Sometimes synchronicity is downright unpleasant, but this does not mean it is absent of good information; does not mean that existence is giving us a bad time. On the contrary, it is love in a package that may be unpleasant but which nonetheless wakes us up. In these cases usually it is we who do not want that particular information because it does not line up with our wants, ideas or belief.
"A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."


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trinitystar said...

I agree with you Meredith ... well written ... it is knowing that everything that is placed before us is actually a gift ... to go with it and look at it as a friend ... that will strengthen us. Leaving us the ability to help others that look to the ego-fixation as you say. Perhaps man will awaken to the beauty of your words. :o)

Im asking beings
What would you do if you were invisible?
3 answers if poss.,