October 12, 2006

Dancing with the Divine

There are those who have dared
to dance with the divine

their poetry and words
are merely pointers

symbols and sounds
inspired by silence

each word a sutra
longing to be cradled
in the holiness of your heart

savor each one slowly
that you may truly taste
its sweet nectar

for yourself
from yourself

for the divine
is waiting patiently within you
to be asked to dance

The Dance, art by Rassouli
Poem: Dancing with the Divine


irving said...

What a lovely poem :) It expresses the way I feel when Sufi music plays. Though I sit silently and meditate, the music lifts my heart off of its chair and whirls it around the floor.

Thank you!

Buford said...

What is Divine? Could it not be said that the young suicide bomber is dancing with his divine? What is Divine? The truth or a perception of truth? Hmmmmmmm

I only question because……that is what I do.

It is still a very lifting poem. As I read it, I felt a smile rise up and spread across my face. Nature is my divine, and I have danced with her many times.


Anonymous said...

Wow...great picture and great verse...

isaiah said...

Feeling the poem, M...as well as the words Aki and you sent. Thank you (bowing).

I have subscribed to this wonderful ezine and explored the links....indeed divine.

irving- yes, it is how i feel too, eastern music lifts me as well.

buford- exactly. we interpret the dance in so many ways, our interpretation, a dance itself. What is divine? “Black rain falling on the temple roof.”

Happy you are smiling...I know you are dancing too.

Meredith said...

Thank you friends,
I am enjoying this dance with you!

anonymous julie said...

I really - really - enjoy the painting!