October 22, 2006

Meditation on Mirrors

Give the beautiful ones mirrors of groundlessness.
Looking in such a mirror they begin to re-member;
with it they polish their souls.

When an empty mirror is held up to ego-fixation,
an alchemical melting occurs. Polishing:

a wheat grain sprouts, grows, is ground in the mill,
baked, crushed again between teeth, and digested
to become a persons deepest understanding.

With this understanding a person falls in love
with themselves; unconditioned love blossoms.
With this blossoming, they become a mirror
of groundlessness.

By offering this mirror to another
they kindle re-membering in the other.

(Inspired by Childhood Friends by Rumi

1 comment:

garnet david said...

Beautiful rumi-nation on ego and its fragile flaws.