February 13, 2005

Love from Wholeness

Like steam; loneliness.
Swirling, foggy, moist.
Lingering in the tub alone
a tender, romantic, yearning.

Turn down the hot,
slow bubbling thoughts,
finally steam recedes; light gathers.
In the stillness fog dissipates.

Naked and alone, observing,
warmth moving with invisible strength;
merging out, like waves,

Forgetting loneliness
circling aloneness.
Alone yet not yearning; fluidity,
a formless, transparent window.

Clear water, invisible yet complete,
warmth and light carried effortlessly
never asking another to fill,
lift or yield.

Filtered sunlight, tepid pools
merge into sheltered darkness and
cold flowing, silently infiltrating
non-possessively divine.

Loneliness, partial and yearning
now whole, offered and released
Pure, formless, flowing outward
ever returning, circling and surging.



isaiah said...

"Whole, I am not separate from my Beloved."

Your poem says what thousands and thousands of pages of mystical writings throughout history have been saying all along- "get this part here (we are not separate) and all things come together."

Thank you.

Meredith said...

Thank you Isaiah. We are not-two.