February 25, 2005

Viewing Without A Viewer

Life is blissfulness itself in the here and now. Remain in the now and you will realize who you are at the foundation of your being. Just like trees and grasses are dancing blissfully in the herenow, you are here in this dance. No future, no past, no time or space at all, only just this... It is beyond words. Words fall short here. It requires a leap from the margin into openness, a letting go of identification with anything, and suddenly vast consciousness is present without a reference point, without a thinker. Viewing is happening but there is no viewer whatsoever; no viewer can be located.

Realizing this viewing, this open seeing, is blissful. A flower has opened its petals and a fragrance is floating in the air. The whole sky is filled with this fragrance of love. In the presence of this love, you are unconditionally grateful, just overflowing with gratitude, for what appears to be nothing at all. It's as if you were carrying a great burden for so long and you just assumed it was normal to be weighted down in this way. You didn't know any different. Then with the release of awakening, you drop this unnecessary burden you've been carrying. The lightness and energy that is available is a benediction - “the unbearable lightness of being.” You want to celebrate and share your joy with whomever will receive it. You are thankful to whomever receives your love, your joy. The sharing of it itself is joyful. This love comes from an eternal, inexhaustible source. And further, you have no expectation of anything in return. Your love is given freely.

When you realize this viewing without a viewer, there is a feeling of completion and contentment. Not finality. Instead there is expanding love, growing light as you continue to open further. The process of flowing openness is never-ending, yet complete and whole moment to moment. The source within is contentment itself. You are utterly independent, yet intimately interconnected with all things and so you care for and nurture your world. It has been said that to realize your authentic presence is like being an emperor of the universe, like a king or queen without a kingdom or subjects; you feel rich and capable of sharing this richness. This becomes your play -- sharing bliss endlessly. The more you share it, the more it flows to you, so you're never impoverished. The sense of scarcity or survival dissolves. You’re rich beyond imagination. You are generous with your inexhaustible wellspring of bliss. It is there inside, superabundant being, a miracle, closer than your breath.

Post by Akilesh

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Marjorie said...

A feeling of blending into the universe -- the ultimate freedom from self, the ultimate love.

"unconditionally grateful...overflowing with gratitude" -- thats it, I know this feeling when I stop and am still.

Thank you for your inspiring post, thank you for sharing this truth.