February 17, 2005

The Spiral Stairs

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I climb the spiral stairs, circling round
round, again and again, stepping up,
dizzy already, looking forward -
endless stairs.

Breathing hard, but hardly moving.
It begins to look familiar - Have I been
here before? No, I’m further up
the spiral, leaning as I go.

Climbing to larger views. Circling I ascend,
round again thoughts return, experiences repeat.
Dropping inconsequentials along the way,
outgrown clothing left behind.

As I (who am I?) climb (to where?)
the spiral stairs encircle me, I climb into nothing,
a center place where memories, joy
and sorrow, circle, spiral, out and in.

I climb in and out of darkness, Shall I look back?
"No, do not look back." keep going...
step into the question again, and again.

The only step that matters is the one I am on.
I have not been here before. Spiraling closer
and closer to the light. Consciously
climbing round out again.

As I (who?) step, losing myself
Climb into silence, no sound of footsteps.
uniquely alone now, this is a singular
silent journey.

Steps disappearing.
No one pushing or pulling.
No reference. I hold an invisible thread.
I...nothing, emerging, dissolving into light.


Trev Diesel said...

"no sound of my footsteps on the stairs, quiet now, a singular silent journey"

My God, what a beautiful piece of work, Meredith. Indeed, there is only ONE - one "singular journey." No I or Me or You: just a still, quiet ONE.

Blessings to you.

Meredith said...

Thank you for your tender words, Trev. I love that you get it - no I or Me or You - just a still, quiet ONE! Yes, exactly.

isaiah said...

"The only step that matters is the one I am on."

Beautiful- beautiful.....thank you.

tamingthemind said...

"Dropping inconsequentials along the way, useless substance left behind."

"losing myself on the spiral stairs."

"Step by step – till steps disappear."

I love the stages of letting go. But, at the end (beginning?)...

"I hold an invisible hand."

I'm not so sure about this statement. But, I love your faith.

david said...

Hiay Meredith.

I'm with you on this one. Reminds me almost exactly of the first time I walked a labyrinth. It takes you back to almost the same place three times but its not the smae place -- because by then you're on a different path. And just before you reach the centre it takes far away from it.

Rosie said...

"I long ago rejected the point of view that time is linear. Eternity, and my journey, is to me a spiral. I seem to go deeper inward as I reach further outward. So it is that I am neither late nor early in arriving at my destination...but perfectly in time with the Timeless One."