February 9, 2005

Spiritual Friends

It is not the clay the potter throws,
which gives the pot its usefulness,
but the space within the shape,
from which the pot is made.
Tao Te Ching

Friendship is like the space in the clay pot. This space is empty, ready for filling with thoughts, reflections, questions, musings, inspirations, and tender words. And as much as is poured in, there is always room for more. True authentic friendship is an astounding gift on the spiritual journey. In this sensitive and comfortable space we share, we can each feel ourselves growing in the Light. Through Spiritual Friendship, we are each nurtured toward our own natural and perfect unfolding.

I am so grateful for my spiritual friends. Thank you all!


david said...

I have always loved that passage from the Tao Te Ching: the pot, the wheel, the cutting edge of the knife are all useful because of what isn't there. It is such a turn around on ordinary ways of seeing.

And then in Quaker Meeting -- when the power and presence comes from what is left unsaid.

isaiah said...

Holding you in the Light, Love & Peace of all that there is...

Trev Diesel said...

...and thank YOU for your friendship, Meredith. What a fascinating tool this internet is that allows us "strangers from across the globe" to meet and interact with one another.

Thank you for sharing of yourself and your Wisdom. I am certainly blessed because of it (as I'm sure others are as well).

Meredith said...

Such sweet friends I have...