February 22, 2005


In you I see my reflection. Posted by Hello


david said...

Neat pic.

isaiah said...

What an interesting and provocative picture. The image I see reminds me of our shared dance, the whirling of our souls blending one into another till there emerges a third, greater whole.

I see this Yin Yang experience expressed in complete focus, even though to us at times- life seems a blur. The dividing line between experience and the one experiencing is no longer concrete-it blends and disappears into both halves and is expressed in, as Emerson said, the 'over-soul'.

Thanks for the picture and the inspiration for posting. I, too, see my reflection- in you.

james said...

Yin and yang indeed. All things blend into one and yet keep their individuality. The beautiful, mysterious project rolls on.

Meredith said...

Right - it so wonderful to share this 'seeing' with my friends here. In this picture I also see the yin yang, reflections of the other in the other and both in the water. Unity, immersed in spirit, in delicate motion, reflected in so many dimensions. Is it me? Is it you? Is it divinity? Is there any difference? A viewer and the view in one.

I, too, see my reflection in you. How sweet this is!