April 30, 2005

Assured of Love

"Atoms can reveal mathematics. Flowers and stars and mountains and sunsets can reveal beauty. The biological order can reveal life in ascending series. Historical events can present a dramatic story that expresses and vindicates a moral order. But it is only through a concrete person who is divine enough to show love and grace in consummate degree, and human enough to be identified with us, that we can be assured of love at the heart of things. "

– Rufus Jones


Joe G. said...

Lovely! Where did you find such a great quote from R.J.?

Meredith said...

This quote is from

Rufus Jones Speaks to Our Time: An Anthology, Harry Emerson Fosdick, ed. New York, Macmillian, 1951, p. 47.

Reprinted in the Parabola Magazine, Winter 2004, p.36.

isaiah said...

Love this quote! Another to put beside my computer- thanks!

PS: check out the new Parabola entitled "Awakening".

Larry said...

Rufus was certainly (at least one of) the most powerful Quaker of his day. I have the good fortune to know Joe Knoyer, a cousin of Rufus, student at Haverford, and a part time chaffeur for him. I haven't read much of Rufus Jones, but knowing Joe gives me at least an inkling of his spirit.

"James" said...

I think that science and God are one in the same. I once heard it said this way: "Science explains how God does things." Kind of an interesting idea.