April 19, 2005

Stillness of Morning

To my Beloved,

In the stillness of
the early morning
I pull the quiet over me.

Silence descends
Light streaming in
soft, luminous.

(Briefly, I wonder,
“Where does this light originate?
Outside, or in?” It matters not.)

In solitary quietude
Self disintegrates
Fragments dropping,

Vision becomes pure
without the lens of time,
person, culture, or history.

There is no time,
No where to go
Nothing to do.

Now is simply
Sitting, being.

There is profound peace
Here, now, in this
tranquil space, with you.

I love you
with a quiet, slow, warm
love emanating.


Sean said...

Mmmm, truthful and crisp. These words just trickled from your fingertips, did they not?

Meredith said...

Mmmm - they surely did just trickle from my fingertips...from heart to hand.

Rick said...

Uh, wow! That is beautiful. Meredith I want to hug you and tell you that you have a beautiful spirit. Just beautiful.

Meredith said...

Thank you Rick. I feel the same beautiful spirit in you.

So I Go said...

i love this.. especially "fragments dropping"..
this is a beautiful piece. thank you.

"James" said...

Yes, and no one to be.