April 28, 2005

The Fragrance of Heaven

"What is this fragrance of heaven?"

It is a pure, sweet fragrance.
It is the clear, spring air
that swirls between us.
This freshness is only made so
by the cleansing of soul --
the darkness brought forth,
held carefully between us,
loved with a purity and sanctity
it deserves, and then,
when the time came --
kissed and blown
to its own freedom.
What is left?
This, this little bit of heaven,
this delicious fragrance
of deep love nestled
between two lovers.
This, my friend,
is the one love.
Swirling, like leaves
gently drifting in
springtime breezes.


david said...

I like this poem -- both in its statement and its execution. Don't know if you were looking for critique - but I think its beautiful.

The only stop I had was this:

loved with a purity and sanctity
it deserves

Perhaps its due to the specific relationship I'm in. But love isn't deserved. It is wanted or unwanted. returned or unreturned. But love is not love if it loves because it is deserved.

It is, to turn a phrase, a graceful presence.

Meredith said...

I appreciate your reflections. Thank you for your kind words, David.

Re: the 'deserved'- it is the darkness of soul I was referring to that deserves careful acknowledgement, and a casting of light and love upon it. Only then is the darkness truly freed.

But about love... of course you are right. We love without regard to 'deserving'.

Kita said...

...Undeniable, unexplainable
we catch it on the breeze
that blows through each of us
and it transforms
softens our one heart

This love seems so fresh, primordially fresh...