April 23, 2005


Take me with you on your riverwalk today.
Share this quiet beauty with me, let us look
up to the ever changing sky, together.

We'll listen to the twigs crunching under foot,
the frogs making their amazing music in the distance
and to the sound of breathing in the pungent morning air.

Let's stop when we hear the song of the sparrow
watching in silence as a baby bird soars from the nest for the first time.
Together we'll notice the ladybug walking across your shoe.

Together we'll savor the ecstasy of the brilliant orange poppies
the blue blue blue of the sky, and
the delicate mossy greens of the rocks and leaves.

When we approach the river's deepest pools,
we'll notice the sounds of the waves lapping.
We'll look into the clear deep water, and see.

We'll see the image of the clouds above reflected
we'll see the mossy rocks and branches at the bottom
we'll see our own reflection, not two, but one.

Take me from you pocket and scatter me there,
in the deepest pool. Watch me swirl, dance, and finger the water
watch me gently, silently, sink into the unknown.

In the ripples that flow out in concentric circles
hear my song, rising - a love song from the water's depths
Echos of a lover singing from her heart.


Trev Diesel said...

"Since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made" (Romans 1:20)

What a wonderful and beautiful world that is before us.

So I Go said...

yes, these words are living and breathing. i can hear it, see it, feel it. beautiful!

Jon said...


That was simply beautiful! What else can I say?